One thing that all girls should know before entering a Miss Teen Pageant is that judges often prefer competitors of a certain height. Those who have competed at the regional and national level know all too well that 5 foot 6 inches is the ideal height for a Miss Teen Pageant contestant.

If you’re much shorter than this height, and you’re evenly matched against another competitor in everything besides height, the judges will most likely choose the taller girl.

So what’s a shorter competitor to do? After all, you can’t make yourself any taller overnight!

Thankfully, there are some fashion and style tricks that can be employed to provide Miss Teen Pageant judges with the illusion that you’re taller than you actually are.

  1. Wear vertical lines and avoid horizontal prints
  2. Wear monochromatic tops and bottoms (wearing different colors on your top and bottom divides your body into small segments, where one color all over creates a longer look)
  3. Wear solid colors and small patterns
  4. Wear fitted clothing as opposed to baggy garments
  5. Be sure to always hold yourself to proper posture
  6. Choose a “shorter” haircut as longer hair can drown girls of shorter stature.
  7. Avoid heels with ankle straps as they shorten your leg by creating a horizontal line
  8. Wear tops with deep, vertical necklines, like the v-neck
  9. Wear shorter skirts to make your legs look longer
  10. Match your shoes to your pants, as this makes your legs look longer
  11. Wear skinny belts (as opposed to wide ones) to avoid dividing yourself in half.

We hope these tips will help you to strut your stuff with confidence at the next Miss Teen Pageant and give you a better chance of overcoming the competition!