1. Teen Pageant Lessons You Can Apply To Life

    Many people don’t realize how many life lessons women can learn when they participate in pageants. Pageants teach young women quite a bit about themselves and give them valuable knowledge that can translate to life in general. Lessons You Can Learn From Pageants Your number one enemy is the pressure you put on yourself. There will always be pressures in your life: finish by the deadline, succeed…Read More

  2. Greeting Your Pageant Judges During The Interview

    Miss Teen pageant interviews tend to be the most nerve-racking part of the process for many girls. You can spend months preparing and still feel anxious when you walk through the door. Many young women specifically fear messing up their greeting. It’s crucial to greet every judge you come in contact with during your interview, or address the panel as a whole if it is a panel-style interview. Tip…Read More

  3. Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Pageant Coach

    Depending on who you speak to about pageant coaches, you’re likely to get different answers. Some pageant enthusiasts think it is an absolute must to hire a coach for a pageant, while others think it’s best to just let the young woman progress naturally as she competes. Ask Yourself These Questions Before Hiring A Miss Teen Pageant Coach If you’re looking to hire a pageant coach for your Mis…Read More

  4. Don’t Make These Big Teen Pageant Interview Mistakes

    We love working with Miss Teen pageant contestants because we truly believe that pageants are about learning important life skills and personal development. Over the years of pageants, there are a few common mistakes that seem to keep rearing their ugly head, especially during the interview process. Don’t Make These Mistakes During The Miss Teen Interview Process Develop your pageant interviewin…Read More

  5. Tired Cheeks? Here’s Some Teen Pageant Smiling Tips

    We all love seeing the beautiful smiles on every young woman’s face during the Miss Teen pageants. Doesn’t it seem like a pain to keep smiling… and smiling… and smiling? How do they maintain that natural smile for so long? That’s a good question, and we’re here to help! Teen Pageant Tips For A Natural Smile Warm up. Warm up the muscles of your mouth by opening your mouth wide for a few…Read More

  6. Nail Your Initial Pageant Interview With These Four Tips

    As you likely know, the initial pageant interview is arguably the biggest facet of the competition. It’s the time when and where we set the tone for the rest of the Miss Teen pageant. No pressure, right? Preparation is the best remedy for anxiety, so let’s take a look at how you can prepare for your interview. Make The Right First Impression For Your Miss Teen Pageant Interview It’s been sai…Read More

  7. Commonly Asked Teen Pageant Questions

    Miss Teen pageant questions are similar to those asked to the girls in the Miss competitions with one exception, Miss Teen contestants will not be asked political questions. We speak with a lot of young women and girls who are most fearful of the pageant questions they will be asked. We totally understand; public speaking is hard! Sample Teen Pageant Questions Today, we’re going to give you some…Read More