1. Four Reasons To Participate In The Miss Teen Pageant

    There are numerous reasons why young women decide to be contestants in the Miss Teen pageant. Whether they’re interested in the scholarship opportunities, transforming a part of their personality, or simply because their friends are doing it, there’s a story behind each one. Today, we’re going to take a look at four of the biggest reasons we think you should enter the Miss Teen pageant this …Read More

  2. More Tips For Balancing Pageants And The Rest Of Your Life

    In our last blog, we began exploring some ways in which you can keep a balanced life when you have a lot of things going on. “Prime time” in the pageant world just so happens to be when young women have school, their first jobs, and when they’re trying to figure everything out. You may be wondering how anyone can do it all. If you’re considering entering a Miss Teen pageant competition, ch…Read More

  3. Yes, You Can Be A Feminist And A Beauty Pageant Winner

    Young women who participate in Miss Teen pageants and other pageantry are often associated with certain labels, some positive and some negative. Unfortunately, the “feminist” label is not usually one of them. Many people view pageant participants as pretentious, superficial, and as anti-feminist. Critics will always be around to make judgements and assumptions but with no experience to support…Read More

  4. Balancing Pageants, School, Work, And Life

    Competing in pageants can be a big investment, physically, emotionally, and financially. Most of the “prime time” to compete is during school, when you’re working a job, and figuring yourself out. It happens all at once! This can take a huge toll on your emotions and body, and many young women wonder how anyone can truly do it all. If you’re considering becoming a participant in the Miss T…Read More

  5. Social Media Etiquette For Pageant Contestants Part 2

    In our last blog, we gave a general overview of how you should and should not act on social media, especially if you’re a Miss Teen pageant contestant. Today, we’ll cover a few more important etiquette tips you should keep in mind when using social media. Pause Before You Post Ranting about customer service. Most people find huge rants about customer service on social media to be petty. Your i…Read More

  6. Social Media Etiquette For Pageant Titleholders

    Most of us would agree that social media can be both a blessing and a curse. There is a whole generation of young women pageant contestants who use social media to promote their titles, platforms, views, and opinions. However, there’s also an increasing number of pageant competitors who are using social media the wrong way. Social Media Etiquette For Miss Teen Pageant Contestants Don’t rant. I…Read More

  7. More Life Lessons You Can Learn From Pageants

    In our last blog, we began to explore some general life lessons you can learn from the Miss Teen pageants. From seeking out and learning from a mentor to learning about how self-pressure is your biggest enemy, there are quite a few things you can learn from pageants that are applicable to everyday life. More Life Lessons From Pageants Be flexible. If you’re like a lot of people and tend to plan …Read More