1. How To Be A Great Public Speaker

    When it comes to winning a Miss Teen pageant, one of the most important areas of the competition is public speaking. It’s good to have the other elements too, such as the casual wear and formal wear competition, but public speaking is just as important. If you have public speaking classes at school, try to take advantage of them, or if there is a debate team enroll in it to strengthen your skill…Read More

  2. Help Pay Your Way To School By Entering The Miss Teen Pageant

    Receiving a higher education is expensive. You can either choose between loans that you’ll be paying off for most of your life or convincing your parents to pay. Of course, there is a third option: receiving a scholarship. Relying on your parents to pay for your college education is becoming less and less of an option due to the high price of university. Many parents are unable to pay for colleg…Read More

  3. Famous Woman Who Competed In Pageants

    There are many influential women in today’s society that can credit their careers to junior pageants. Both famous and standard woman have succeeded by entering scholarship pageants and have gone on to do great things. Below are three women who are able to attribute their participation in junior teen pageants to their accomplishments that have helped spread awareness and education. Oprah Winfrey …Read More

  4. Three Positive Long-term Elements of Miss Teen Pageants

    Miss Teen pageants promote three positive psychological effects on young women. Miss Teen competitions get a bad reputation due to the portrayal in the media, but there are many positive long lasting effects that will enable the young women who participate to flourish throughout the rest of their lives. Our competition, the Miss Teen pageant, offers not only positive psychological effects that wil…Read More

  5. Pageant Contestants Who Have Broken The Beauty Queen Stereotype

    Many people view pageants as a place where women are objectified, focusing on appearance, weight, fit, and classic femininity. Here at the Miss Teen pageant, you won’t find a swimsuit competition or the objectification of beauty over brains. Today, we’re going to take a look at a few young women who broke the mold of the beauty queen stereotype and empowered women all over the world. These Wom…Read More

  6. In Defense Of Pageants And Pageantry

    If you ask a person who isn’t familiar with the world of pageantry to give you their idea of the typical pageant girl, you’re likely going to hear a response that includes words such as, “blonde,” “superficial,” “skinny,” and even “unintelligent.” Unfortunately, even though pageants like the The Miss Teen pageant and others have evolved from what they were half a century ago, t…Read More

  7. Look At All These Life Skills You Can Learn From The Miss Teen Pageant

    Competing in the Miss Teen pageants may very well be one of the greatest things you do in your life when you consider all of the skills you learn and the lessons you’re taught. Pageants truly offer valuable life skills that prepare all different types of young women to live in today’s society. The Miss Teen Pageant Teaches Young Women Useful Life Skills & More “It is not the outcome of t…Read More