1. New York Miss Teen Results Are In!

    Real quick: Watch this old video from the 2012/2013 Miss Teen New York Pageant. Now, check out the young lady second from the right. It's her! Emily, the newly crowned Miss Teen from New York - She won a Runner-Up spot back in 2012, won a runner-up spot in the 2013 National Pageant, and now she's back again...to claim that crown. And that she did! It fits her well, wouldn't you say? We wish Emily …Read More

  2. California Lovin’ and Casual Wear Style

    Congratulations to the young ladies who are interviewing for the Miss Teen pageant to represent Sacramento, Oakland, San Jose, Stockton, and Fresno. California is lucky to have such wonderful young women representing! We are beyond thrilled that you have chosen to take on this opportunity to better yourself and your future, so, we wish you the best of luck! Now that you're gathering all your pagea…Read More

  3. Alabama’s Miss Teen is on the Schedule

    Is this your first pageant? Don't be afraid! Embrace the new opportunity and allow yourself to celebrate the beautiful young lady you are. We often get caught up in pleasing others and "fitting in" that we forget who we really are and what we are really passionate about. Here are a few encouraging words featuring the participants of the 2014 Miss Teen Birmingham/Montgomery Pageant.…Read More

  4. Little Rock Contestants to Interview

    Young ladies in Little Rock, AR are preparing to compete in the 2015 Miss Teen Little Rock Pageant. We wish them the best of luck as they begin their journey and we begin the countdown to the crown! Looking Back at Previous Miss Teen Little Rock Participants and Winners... $30,000 in scholarships were awarded at the last National Pageant Competition. Who will win this December?…Read More

  5. Summer 2015 Winners

    Congratulations to the 2015 Miss Teen, Miss Jr. Teen, Miss Pre-Teen, and Miss Jr. Pre-Teen divisional winners from Florida! We couldn't be more proud of such a wonderful performance and we wish the best of luck to the 2015 Miss Teen Oklahoma City/Tulsa contestants as they embark on their pageant journey this weekend! Keep checking back for winners photos!…Read More

  6. How To Be An Influential Role Model

    One of the greatest things about being an older student either in high school or middle school is that you have more power than you did before. Remember back when you were a lowly freshman or in your early years of middle school and how you looked up to the older girls? Now, you and your group of friends have to be the influential role models to the younger girls in your high school or middle scho…Read More