1. Pageant Essentials that You Should Never Compete Without

    It is the rare pageant contestant that hasn't had a mid-competition emergency with wardrobe, hair or makeup. Uncooperative hair, missing eyeliner and wayward swimsuit bottoms are just par for the course in pageant dressing rooms across the nation. Make sure to avoid the unexpected by keeping these items in your pageant gear bag at all times, replacing them when necessary. Butt glue - Any competito…Read More

  2. How to Write a Platform Essay that Rocks

    As a required part of most pageant competitions, the platform essay is your chance to validate what social or environmental issue is important to you. Platform essays were added to the application process in order to allow girls the opportunity to show what they are passionate about. Your platform essay should be personal, telling the story of your chosen cause and how it has affected you. Here's …Read More

  3. Beyond the Smile and Wave: How to Act Like a Pageant Winner at Every Stage

    It is an unfortunate dark side of pageantry that many assume contestants to be self-centered, vain and lacking modesty. Those involved in pageants, whether they run the events, coach the girls, or enter the competitions themselves, have found that the opposite is the actual truth. Most pageant girls are polite, outgoing, supportive young women who hope to do their best while being welcoming and f…Read More

  4. Backstage @ Colorado Pageants

    Get ready to go...BACKSTAGE! with these exclusive backstage shots from the Colorado 2014 Miss Teen pageant. You'll see girls from Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins. You might even recognize one of your neighbors or a girl you go to school with. These girls rocked it!…Read More

  5. 2016 Miss Teen Winners – Virginia

    #MissTeen IN THE NEWS Part of what makes the Miss Teen Pageant unique is each contestant's ability to remain true to herself during all parts of competition. There is no swimsuit or talent portion because it's the inner beauty of each young lady that should shine the most.  This is a different concept than most pageants and that's why communities are lining up to sponsor, support and congra…Read More

  6. Ohio Miss Teen Pageant – April 10, 2016

    Who: 87 BEAUTIFUL young ladies What:  Ohio's 2016 Miss Teen Pageant When:  April 10, 2016 Where: Marysville, OH Why: to crown two exceptional young women who will compete at Nationals for $30,000 in cash scholarships and prizes! Get in on the conversation and show support for your favorite contestants! Spotlight On:  Ohio Pageant Judging Panel…Read More