1. Outfit Ideas For The Casual Wear Competition

    One of the most highly-anticipated parts of every Miss Teen Pageant is the Casual Wear Competition. It's in this segment of the pageant that girls really have an opportunity to show off their sense of style and individual personality! However, for some contestants who are new to the Miss Teen Pageant program, “casual wear” can be a vague term that causes some anxiety. How casual can you really…Read More

  2. 3 Easy Exercises For A More Toned Body

    Even though there’s no swimsuit competition in the Miss Teen Pageant program, being toned and fit is a great way to make sure that you look your best no matter what you’re wearing. One thing that many Miss Teen Pageant participants worry about is whether or not they’re doing the right exercises for the best possible results. While you could be running, playing soccer, or even doing crunches …Read More

  3. 11 Creative Ways To Look Taller On Stage

    One thing that all girls should know before entering a Miss Teen Pageant is that judges often prefer competitors of a certain height. Those who have competed at the regional and national level know all too well that 5 foot 6 inches is the ideal height for a Miss Teen Pageant contestant. If you’re much shorter than this height, and you’re evenly matched against another competitor in everything …Read More

  4. Are Your Outfits Flattering To Your Body Type?

    If you're fairly new to the world of modeling, but have your sights set on competing in a Miss Teen Pageant, you might be fairly overwhelmed by all the fashion knowledge that’s necessary to win. Simply choosing clothing that you think is pretty isn’t going to get the job done. If you’re matched up against another Miss Teen Pageant competitor who ranks the same as you in every other way, the …Read More

  5. Destroying Those Nerves Before You Compete – Part Two

    Competing in a beauty pageant can be a very difficult to do. In addition to the nerves you may be feeling, you have to look beautiful and act a certain way. That can be very exhausting to do, especially if you get very bad nerves when you go on stage. Teen beauty pageants have a lot of good elements that enhance young women’s skills, such as facing your fears if you don’t like performing in fr…Read More

  6. Destroying Those Nerves Before You Compete – Part One

    Public speaking can be very nerve-wrecking. In some of the past blogs, we discussed tips for public speaking. Read How To Be A Great Public Speaker for more information. However, what about those young Miss Teen pageant contestants that get nervous before a competition? No matter how ready we think we may be, sometimes, our nerves creep up on us with no warning. Are you one of those competitors th…Read More

  7. A Brief History of Beauty Pageants Through the Ages

    When you think modern beauty pageants, your first thought may go to Miss Congeniality or Miss America. Regardless of which springs first into your mind, you may not realize how far back this tradition of celebrating women goes. Beauty and strength are universally celebrated in our society. Only when you experience them truly do you stop and gladly allow your breath to be taken away. You cannot hel…Read More