dreamstime_9897525-1Deciding to participate in a Miss Teen Pageant can be a nerve-wracking decision. From weighing the fear of competition to determining if it is even worth the investment of your time, you may have doubts about signing up. The reality is, there are numerous benefits of participating in a Miss Teen Pageant. Check out some of these awesome benefits you can enjoy by participating in a Miss Teen competition.

1. Confidence and Interview Skills

No matter what level of confidence you enter into the competition with and no matter what previous interview skills you may have, you undoubtedly can benefit from an increase in both. We hear it again and again, girls who participate in teen beauty pageants are more confident and have better interview skills than their counterparts. This confidence and your newly found interview skills will continue to serve you well for the rest of your life. How will this impact your life?

  • Better ability to confidently create new friends. Not only will you make friends at the competition, you will also be able to handle yourself in new social settings with greater confidence in the future.
  • Prepared for handling future job interviews. When the day comes you need to interview for a job, you will have practice from the interview portion of this competition.
  • Ready to take on college applications. From filling out the registration to handling interviews, the skill sets you learn during this competition will serve you well when it comes time to apply to colleges or other future plans.
  • Prepared for other competitive activities. After you conquer a Miss Teen Pageant you will be ready to handle any competitive activity with confidence. Often those who did not previously enjoy competition find themselves reveling in the fun of healthy competition after participating in a Miss Teen competition.

2. Making New Friends

One of the best parts of participating in a Miss Teen Pageant is the ability to meet new friends. Teen beauty pageants are extremely social events and provide you with an exciting opportunity to meet people you may never have otherwise. Because you are participating in competitions together and facing the same challenges, you will find the bonds you create with these new friends to be stronger than most.

3. Ability to Win Scholarship Money

This benefit is perhaps more obvious than the others. But did you know that the Miss Teen is a scholarship pageant? At the last years national Pageant Competition $30,000 in cash scholarships were awarded. Through the investment of your time in competing you could walk away the winner of scholarship money.

No matter what reason you have for joining a competition, rest assured you will enjoy the numerous benefits from joining a Miss Teen Pageant. And remember, over 95 percent of contestants participating have never participated in a pageant prior. Are you ready to compete in a Miss Teen Pageant? Contact us for more information! We can help you get started and keep you up to date with the latest event information.