One of the most highly-anticipated parts of every Miss Teen Pageant is the Casual Wear Competition.

It’s in this segment of the pageant that girls really have an opportunity to show off their sense of style and individual personality!dreamstime_l_22079295

However, for some contestants who are new to the Miss Teen Pageant program, “casual wear” can be a vague term that causes some anxiety. How casual can you really be? What outfit choices are sure to score you good marks in the Casual Wear competition?

We’ve polled our veterans and looked at past contestants who did well in this particular part of the Miss Teen Pageant and put together a few suggestions that should be helpful for everyone.

Note: According to Miss Teen Pageant rules, the casual outfit can include “any attire worn to a casual event and may even represent attire that is used when participating in a particular sporting event.” It should be something in which you’re comfortable and feel confident.

  1. Cute Sun Dress – Paired together with some fashionable
    sandals or some ribbon wedges, a cute sundress can be a great way to show off your casual style in summertime pageants.
  2. Dashing Denim – Some Miss Teen Pageant contestants have found great success wearing stylish denim (think high waisted or boot cut jeans) paired with a bright-colored top.
  3. Boots & Jacket – Participating in an autumn Miss Teen Pageant? A short pencil skirt combined with a stylish blazer and some riding boots can be a great casual outfit as well.

There are many different directions in which to take your Casual Wear outfit. Just remember to have fun with it!