Real quick: Watch this old video from the 2012/2013 Miss Teen New York Pageant.

Now, check out the young lady second from the right.

It’s her! Emily, the newly crowned Miss Teen from New York – She won a Runner-Up spot back in 2012, won a runner-up spot in the 2013 National Pageant, and now she’s back again…to claim that crown. And that she did! It fits her well, wouldn’t you say? We wish Emily and her family a huge Congratulations! We’ll be seeing her at Nationals again, maybe this time she’ll walk away a $10,000 winner. We think she’s a winner already for never giving up on her goals. Best of luck, Emily!

And now for the results…

A Note about the “Top Twenty”: The following young ladies have gained their eligibility for the National Competition, but did not place high enough to be considered within the Top Ten of their age division. Still, an amazing accomplishment!

Miss Jr. Teen, Hesed Cid

News is spreading fast among her community! Take a look!

We’d like to also say Congratulations to every single young lady who participated in the 2016 Miss Teen New York production this weekend. You should all consider yourself winners. We wish you the best of luck in all you do. See you on stage!

Thank You to the Hostos Center for the Arts for hosting this year’s Miss Teen production. You can learn more about Hostos by visiting

Our Judges…

…are important to us. The judging criteria at Miss Teen is different than many pageants, with an emphasis on inner beauty, poise, composure and confidence. These, in our opinion, are the most valuable traits a young woman can possess that will ensure future success in whatever endeavor she chooses. It’s important that our judging panel understands these values. In a talent powerhouse like New York City, a judge’s job is not easy. Below you’ll see just two of the 7 outstanding panelists on our esteemed New York Judging Panel.