a12595345155787892c3b96decbf62e5Many people believe that pageants are anti-feminist, but in fact it is quite the opposite. Young women who participate in the Miss Teen pageants develop life skills which will serve them well as they enter into their professional lives, whether they’re interested in the arts, business, academics, or technology.

Common Misconceptions About The Teen Pageant World

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the biggest and most harmful misconceptions surrounding teen pageants.

Pageants are for pretty girls who aren’t smart.

Not only is this false, but it’s harmful to the girls who participate in teen pageants because it creates a skewed societal perspective that women cannot be both pretty and smart. In fact, the winner of the 2014 Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen Pageant is not only beautiful, but at the time of her win, she was planning to attend M.I.T. She also works to promote a program in which young women are encouraged to enter fields typically dominated by men.

Pageants only promote eating disorders and other unhealthy behaviors in women.

Many pageants, including Miss Teen and the Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen Pageant, make it clear to both the contestants and judges that they need to be a role model for a strong, healthy body. Pageants maybe have once been about who has the straightest teeth and who looked best in a swimsuit, but pageants like ours are striving to turn the dial. Miss Teen’s purpose is to bring out the best in each young participant.

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