As a required part of most pageant competitions, the platform essay is your chance to validate what social or environmental issue is important to you. Platform essays were added to the application process in order to allow girls the opportunity to show what they are passionate about. Your platform essay should be personal, telling the story of your chosen cause and how it has affected you. Here’s what you should include in your next Miss Teen Pageant platform essay:

  • A personal anecdote – Engage your reader from the beginning with a personal story, memory or experience that relays how you became involved with this particular platform. Make sure to keep political attacks out of your essay in order to avoid inadvertently offending your reader. Remember, the essay is about your cause and why its important to you. Keep to those topics.
  • The platform issue and its effects – Judges want to know just how your platform issue affects others and its need for support or advocacy. Add some statistics on how many are affected by the issue, what the history is and how you plan to promote your platform at the local, state and national levels.
  • How you contribute – This section is highly important as it helps the judges understand what projects or organizations you are involved in that promotes the platform and its causes. Don’t tell them what you plan to do in the future, tell them what you are currently doing.
  • Your future commitment – The conclusion of your essay should include how you plan to further promote your cause. How will you being crowned Miss Teen help you in this goal? Who do you hope to partner with? How will this all be paid for?

Though you want to make sure that each paragraph is complete and well-thought out, do not run on and on. Keep each paragraph to about five sentences each. Have someone look over and edit your work to help ensure that it is free of typos, grammatical errors and misspellings. Finally, be you. The judges want to hear your voice coming through. Write with passion and honesty and you’ll do fine.