These tips will not only help you for Miss Teen pageants but in everyday situations. Did you break a nail at school or work? Check out the secret to a great manicure. Are school pictures coming up and you’ve been studying later than usual, so you’ve developed circles under your eyes? Read the best way to brighten the skin around your eyes. Are you breaking out more than normal because of the change in the season? Follow the second tip. By following these beauty secrets, you’ll be able to treat everyday like a Miss Teen pageant. If you are interested in competing in a teen beauty pageant, contact Miss Teen pageant to learn more.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea isn’t only for drinking. There are many benefits to using peppermint in everyday life. Some of the benefits of peppermint tea include: strengthening your immune system, decreasing pain, relaxing the body and mind, curing bad breath, and aiding in weight lose. The best use for peppermint tea, however, is to help brighten your eyes and the skin around them. The next time you want to brighten the appearance of your eyes and makeup just doesn’t seem to do it, invest in peppermint tea. Peppermint tea may brighten the skin around your eyes and decrease any puffiness that might be making you look less than stunning for an average day or for a Miss Teen competition. Take the bags of peppermint and dampen them. Once they sit in the fridge chilling for the night, put them under your eyes for 10 minutes. Make sure to lie back so they don’t fall off, and put them right under your eyes to freshen up your appearance.

dreamstime_xxl_8811743Facial For Each Season

Facials are amazing because they are relaxing and leave you feeling fresh-faced. When you are a high school or middle school student, you may have a fair amount of breakouts and bouts of acne. Eliminate bad acne by taking advantage of facials. Facials may decrease breakouts and allow your skin to adjust to extreme cold weather or hot weather. In the winter, a facial will soften dry skin, and in the summer it will help it adjust to the heat. Reset your skin by getting a facial every time the season changes.

The Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is huge right now because of the many great benefits coconuts are able to offer. First, coconut water can leave your skin glowing and beautiful. Second, coconut flour is better to bake with because of the increase of nutrients and decrease of negative additives other flours may have. Coconuts also are able to burn more fat, are natural anti-fungals, and offer powerful medicinal properties. In addition, coconut oil is the best way to take your makeup off. When you remove your makeup with certain products – or if you sleep in it, which is a no-no – you are drying your skin out. When you remove your makeup with coconut oil, it’s easier to do and is unparalleled to any makeup remover you may find in stores. Don’t use water, only coconut oil, and use baby wipes to wipe the makeup off. Your skin will never know what hit it.

The Secret To A Great Manicure

If you are a student who has limited means, this tip is great for you because it’s inexpensive and doable. You know those do it yourself kits at the drugstore for manicures? Purchase one; they’re inexpensive, complementary to your nails, and will do in any situation. Did your nail break as you were getting ready to go out for the night? Whip out your nail kit to freshen up your nails. Spend a small amount of money, and keep your nails looking fresh and beautiful with a nail kit.

Follow these beauty tips, and continue presenting yourself as the Miss Teen pageant winner you are.