Even though there’s no swimsuit competition in the Miss Teen Pageant program, being toned and fit is a great way to make sure that you look your best no matter what you’re wearing.

One thing that many Miss Teen Pageant participants worry about is whethedreamstime_xxl_28840526r or not they’re doing the right exercises for the best possible results. While you could be running, playing soccer, or even doing crunches while you watch TV at night, it’s better to employ a full-body approach so that all aspects of your body are toned and beautiful.

Here are three easy and effective exercises that can be done just about anywhere, whether you’re at home, in the gym, or traveling!

1. Exercise: The Toe Touch

What It Works: Abs

This easy bodyweight exercise is one of the best ones for gaining well-toned abdominal muscles. Strong abs mean a flatter stomach and more trim waist!

How To Do It: Simply lay on your back with your legs extended vertically up into the air. Reach for your toes in a pulsing motion.

2. Exercise: Thrusters

What It Works: Quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes

This multi-purpose exercise works many of your major muscle groups at once, especially your major leg muscles.

How To Do It: Hold your preferred dumbbells at shoulder level while you drop into a squat. Explode out of the squat to a full standing position while pressing the dumbbells above your head.

3. Exercise: Dumbbell Side Bend

What It Works: Oblique muscles

While the Toe Touch works the abdominal muscles down the front of your body, the dumbbell side bend will work the abdominal muscles that run down your sides.

How To Do It: Hold a dumbbell in one hand while the other hand is held behind your head in a crunch position. Slowly drop the dumbbell toward your foot, bending to that side, then slowly bend back to a standing position.

See? It can be easy to work out all the major muscle groups in your body without the need for a personal trainer or lots of fancy equipment. These exercises can be completed just about anywhere; your bedroom, the school gym, or even in a hotel room if your family is on vacation!

Get In Shape For Your Miss Teen Pageant!

Get in great shape, feel healthy, and be prepared for your Miss Teen Pageant with regular exercise. Have questions about the Miss Teen Pageant program? Contact us today! We’d be more than happy to answer your questions.