Competing in a beauty pageant can be a very difficult to do. In addition to the nerves you may be feeling, you have to look beautiful and act a certain way. That can be very exhausting to do, especially if you get very bad nerves when you go on stage. Teen beauty pageants have a lot of good elements that enhance young women’s skills, such as facing your fears if you don’t like performing in front of people. In our previous post about nerves, Destroying Those Nerves Before You Compete – Part One, we covered a few tips for those young ladies who find it difficult to excel to the best of their abilities and to help them overcome their nerves.

Tip Four: Focusdreamstime_xxl_40493595

Focus can be hard to achieve when you have a million little distractions pulling your attention in different directions. While you are practicing your answers or speech, you may be focusing too much on the other girls and what they are doing. The audience is a huge distraction, not to mention the loud noises and the announcer echoing through the room. It’s hard to concentrate. Fortunately, we can help you with that. We previously discussed breathing in the last post. Focus on your breathing and try to block out all of the other people, noise, and other distractions. Focus on the material in front of you, not the audience, announcer, or other girls. Don’t worry about anyone else except you.

Tip Five: Relax

This goes hand-in-hand with focus and breathing. To completely relax you need to let go of the stress and distractions, and allow the tension to flow out of your body. When you are stressed out, think of something relaxing, perhaps meditate, or recite an affirmation to reassure yourself that you can do this. You are a strong, independent woman, and you can do anything, you got this! If you are still not relaxed, practice some breathing exercises or prepare yourself even more for your turn on stage. What makes you feel comfortable? Concentrate on what makes you feel at ease.

dreamstime_11132241Tip Six: Don’t Overthink

Overthinking is the ruin of us all. We all overthink something, whether it’s about what embarrassing thing we did at school, or how that person we like acted around us. We all overthink something in our lives; it’s difficult to avoid, but remember that there will always be people in your life doing things to trigger us over thinking, so either accept it or work on it. When it comes to competing in Miss Teen competitions, you’re going to want to overthink everything. Don’t! If someone yawns or their phone goes off, continue on. Don’t hesitate. There will always be people who are rude, but don’t let that detract from your performance. If someone coughs too loud or laughs when they shouldn’t, smile and act like the Miss Teen pageant winner you are.

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