dreamstime_xxl_24185529Public speaking can be very nerve-wrecking. In some of the past blogs, we discussed tips for public speaking. Read How To Be A Great Public Speaker for more information. However, what about those young Miss Teen pageant contestants that get nervous before a competition? No matter how ready we think we may be, sometimes, our nerves creep up on us with no warning. Are you one of those competitors that gets very nervous when you get on stage? Even if you’ve done many Miss Teen competitions or other competitions, it’s okay to get nervous, but we’re here to help you learn how to rid your nerves.

Tip One: Prepare

Preparation is key. Do you study before a big test? Do you learn your lines before a part in a play? Making sure that you are prepared is a great tip to know not only for teen beauty pageants but also for the rest of your life. Are you a naturally disorganized person? Start preparing in small ways so you are able to get organized accordingly. By learning to prepare you are practicing getting comfortable in front of a room of people. By hitting your key points for your speech or learning what you want to say to specific questions you will feel more comfortable when you are up there on the stage. Make sure that your speech is prepared so when you are asked questions you are comfortable and ready to wow the crowd instead of being hit by nerves.

Tip Two: Fear Of Rejection

Rejection stings no matter what it is. Did that boy reject your invite to hang out? Were you rejected by a group of girls who you wanted to be friends with, or do you continuously wonder if people will reject you every time you ask them a question? Do you live in fear of rejection? Do you fear that the audience will hate what you have to say or that other girls will snicker behind your back? Lastly, will they boo you off the stage and throw things because you were so bad? Relax, don’t worry so much. Eliminate your fears of rejection because it’s not going to get you anywhere. Everyone fears rejection in one way or another. Just think about how ridiculous it would be if people DID throw things. You aren’t living in a cartoon; this is real life and most people feel the same way you do. Everyone fears rejection, so stop thinking of the ‘what ifs’ and start thinking of how great you will do.

Tip Three: Breathing

Breathing techniques help with anxiety. There are many different breathing techniques you can try to help you stay focused. One that works well is take a breath in for three seconds, hold for three seconds, and then let out for three seconds. Do that three times each time for a little longer. Start at three, four, and then eight. Do this twice, and you’ll feel more relaxed. Do this before you go on stage, and take some time to focus on the rhythm so you are able to relax more. Breathe calmly, and focus on your end goal: winning.

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