The Miss Teen Competitions are about each contestant having the ability to gain self-confidence, self-esteem and the opportunity to make new friends who share the same interests as they do. The teen pageant is unlike any other since it is based on PERSONALITY. A true winner is one who is beautiful on the inside and is complimented by how she presents herself on the outside. Our judges have the opportunity to get to know each unique personality as they meet each contestant during the first part of competition, “The Personal Interviews With The Judges.”

IMPORTANT: This teen pageant is about being yourself and gaining an experience that will allow you to achieve things in life that possibly you may have never attempted without this experience. Being on stage in front of hundreds/ thousands of individuals in attendance to view the production allows for an ordinary contestant to feel extraordinary.

If you’re looking for a “glitzy” pageant and one that is all about the most expensive gown, who has the straightest teeth, who looks the best in a swimsuit or performs the best talent, this is probably not the pageant for you. Yes, there are thousands of dollars in prizes, many opportunities including representing your city, however you can never forget that this is a Miss Teen pageant with the purpose of bringing out the best in you. Each contestant is able to accomplish this through participating in the Training Class & Rehearsal. Each contestant will be well prepared to do the best they can on and off stage.


Over 95% of contestants participating have never participated in a pageant before.